David Cameron’s Conference Rap by Cassetteboy #NSFW

via cassetteboy

Cassetteboy uses snippets of David Cameron’s speech at this year’s Conservative Party Conference for this hilarious rap video. The backing track is Lose Yourself by legendary rapper, Eminem.


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Sculptor Chris Vierra Carves Scary T-Rex Head from Large Pumpkin

Chris Vierra of Villafane Studios has never received formal art training, yet his skill as a sculptor is blatently clear when you look at his work. Here he is recreating the head of one of the most ferocious dinosaurs to ever walk the earth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, from a pretty large pumpkin.

As you will see as you move down the page, the work is intricate and requires a very steady hand.

The carving session took place at Field Station: Dinosaurs, a 20-acre outdoor prehistoric theme park in Secaucus, New Jersey.









All photos by Charles Sykes/AP Photo/Invision for Field Station: Dinosaurs

via Design You Trust

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20 of the Creepiest and Scariest Places on Earth

Many of us are fascinated by the macabre and the creepy. The scary and the weird.

This video looks at some of the strangest places on earth, and the stories behind why people classify these places in such a way. Some of the reasons are due to natural forces. Others are man-made.

Here’s a spoiler list of the places mentioned:

  • Aokigahara Forest
  • The Body Farm
  • The Door to Hell
  • The Kabayan Mummy Caves
  • Helltown
  • Centralia, the Underground Furnace
  • Jatinga, the Valley of Death for Birds
  • Catacombs of Paris
  • Candido Godoi
  • Island of the Dolls
  • The Chernobyl Amusement Park
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • San Zhi Resort, the Martian Pods
  • Hellingly Hospital
  • Matuso Ghost Mine, or “Silent Hill”
  • Maunsell Sea Forts, the Silent Guardians
  • The Overturn Bridge, Suicide Leap
  • The Sedlec Ossuary, The Church of Bones
  • The Jewish Cemetery
  • Gunkanjima

via Danger Dolan

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Frustrated Father Uses Ride-On Lawn Mower to Shred Son’s Video Games

A father, frustrated by his son’s laziness and slack job hunting, decides to hit him where it hurts by using a ride-on lawn mover to shred his prized collection of video games.

It doesn’t go down well with the son, his brother, on the other hand, has a great time and captures every moment on video.

via McJuggerNuggets

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Drop Test

Drop testing the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Watch what happens when you drop the new iPhones onto a hard surface. It’s probably a good idea to buy yourself a protective case.

via Phonebuff

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Undulatus Asperatus – Time-Lapse Video of Amazing Cloud Formation

Undulatus Asperatus is currently an urecognised cloud formation. In 2009, the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, proposed it as a separate cloud classification.

The name roughly translates as ‘roughened or agitated waves’.

This time-lapse video captures the fascinating formation and lifecycle of a Undulatus Asperatus cloud over Lincoln, Nebraska on July 7, 2014.

It’s quite a beautiful thing.

via Alex Schueth

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‘No One in This World’ by Kutiman – An Incredible Song Featuring Only Samples from Solo Performances Found on YouTube

You know sometimes, when you’re going about your daily business, you hear or see something that stops you in your tracks. So much so that you have to stop and stare/listen.

Well, that’s just happened.

This amazing song was put together using 19 solo pieces from YouTube. The person behind the project is Isreali musician, composer, producer and animator, Ophir Kutiel, professionally known as Kutiman.

If it strikes a chord with you too, you can find a lot more on his YouTube channel.

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