Mario vs Minecraft

Mario vs Minecraft

What would happen if Steve from Minecraft found himself in a battle with Mario? Andrew McMurry explores the possibilities in this snappy short video. Source: andrewfilms … [Read more...]

Take a Look at the World’s Longest Usable Golf Club in Action

World's Longest Usable Golf Club

Karstan Maas is the man behind the world's longest usable golf club. It's made of regular materials and measures 173 inches in length (the average golf club is about 45 inches). The 49-year-old Dane fulfilled a lifetime ambition when he was named in the 2015 edition of Guinness World … [Read more...]

19 Intriguing Photos of Old Amsterdam


I found these intriguing photos of bygone times in Amsterdam on Amsterdamming, a blog by Andra, who left her hometown of Bucharest in 2010 to live in the city. The pictures were originally published on the Oud Amsterdam Facebook page and span the whole of the last century and beyond. It's a … [Read more...]

Skateboard Decks Inspired by Packaging from VHS Cassette Tapes


Remember VHS tapes? Remember video recorders with chunky buttons and cabled remote controls? Oh, how the kids of today would laugh at such a concept! 5BORONYC have rewound a few decades and used the packaging of VHS cassette tapes as inspiration for these $50 skateboard decks. The retro styling … [Read more...]

Amazing Photorealistic Drawing of Robin Williams Time-Lapse Video


Heather Rooney is a 21 year old art student who creates amazing photorealstic drawings using coloured pencils. This one features the late, great Robin Williams. Watch it come together in the time-lapse video at the bottom of the page. Afer that, visit her Facebook page or YouTube channel for … [Read more...]

Hilarious ‘Fails of the Week’ Compilation

Fails Compilation

It's Monday morning, so let's start the day with this hilarious collection of fails courtesy of Fail Army. Expect to see the usual suspects: car crashes, cycling accidents, crap dancing, pavement bashing and of course, a few ice bucket challenges. Speaking of which, watch out for the epic … [Read more...]